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My Guest Post on The Backcourt Report

Social media, specifically Twitter, has been instrumental in the success of RL Wealth Management. It may come as a surprise, but the impact on my firm has not been attracting clients, but it has been the opportunity to connect with other like-minded advisors across the country. As a solo advisor, being able to network with advisors helping change the landscape…

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It’s Never Too Late

The majority of my social media, this blog included, tends to be targeted to Millennials, although the subject matter is applicable to everyone. Today, I’m flipping the script; I’m writing for the Baby Boomers, but I still want my Millennial readers to take note. I’m sharing this video in hopes of inspiring one person, just one person, nearing retirement to…

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RL Wealth Management on Social Media

Can’t get enough? Make sure to follow my firm, RL Wealth Management, L.L.C., on Instagram and Facebook, and since you’re at it, follow me on Twitter. You’ll get even more content, a behind the scenes look at RLWM, and the occasional family post–these might be the best. RL Wealth Management Instagram @RLWealthManagement RL Wealth Management Facebook @RLWealthManagement Twitter @Jus10Castelli  …

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WSJ: The Challenge of Our Disruptive Era

“We are entering an era in which we’re going to have to create a society of life long learners” -Ben Sasse Ben Sasse’s commentary in the Wall Street Journal addresses a very important topic, one I’m not sure the majority of the public is thinking about. We are experiencing a fundamental change in our economy, and this type of transition…

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The Right Type of Relationship with Your Financial Advisor

Recently, Barry Ritholtz wrote an article for The Washington Post that asked a simple question, “Do you need a financial advisor?” I am an avid reader of Barry’s blog (The Big Picture), along with his writings for The Washington Post, Bloomberg and other publications. I’m also a huge fan of what he and his colleagues are doing in the field…

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An Alternative to Traditional Health Insurance

Today we start with a disclaimer: This post is intended to educate readers about an alternative option to traditional health insurance, and it is not a recommendation. CONSULT YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISOR, OR OTHER FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL, TO DETERMINE IF THESE ALTERNATIVES ARE A GOOD FIT FOR YOU. It’s November, which means it’s open enrollment for health insurance coverage in 2017. And…

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