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Why I Want To Be Naked

“Using trust as a competitive advantage, modern firms are guided by transparency, ownership of attention, and consistent communication with current and prospective clients. We call them Naked Brands.” Sorry for the click bait…what I should have said is Why I Want RLWM (soon to be RLSWM) To Be A “Naked Brand”…but that wouldn’t have been as attention-grabbing. Early in my…

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Vlog: HSA’s and Retirement?!?

Unfortunately, because my family has a medical share plan and not a traditional health insurance plan (revisit this blog to learn more), we are not eligible for what may be the most tax efficient investment vehicle available–the Health Savings Account (HSA), which also happens to be the most under-utilized investment vehicle. In this video, I cover the basics of an…

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Is An Early Retirement Program Right For You?

In just a few weeks, approximately 2,800 Eli Lilly employees will receive an early retirement incentive offered through Lilly’s Voluntary Early Retirement Program, or VERP.  For Eli Lilly employees evaluating the current VERP, this post comes a little late–applications were turned in a couple of weeks ago and those accepted into the program will find out around November 1st. But,…

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The Trump Tax Plan Round-Up

I’ll be the first to admit tax planning is not where I spend the majority of my time; I know enough to be dangerous, well, maybe a little more than that, but I am not a tax professional. I don’t do my personal and business taxes, and when it comes to my clients’ taxes, I always refer them to their…

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Financial Planning Isn’t a Dance

“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, because an artful life requires being prepared to meet and withstand sudden and unexpected attacks.” -Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 7.61 as found in The Daily Stoic September 20th reading. I used to work for an advisor whose favorite line was, “financial planning is an art, not a science”; I’ve always liked that quote,…

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A Rant On Millennials and Savings

This morning I read an article about how Millennials have a harder time saving than their parents, and I wanted to talk about it. Side note: The Millennials I work with have no problem saving, so I know it is possible!   CNN Money: It’s Not Avocado Toast: It’s Actually Harder For Millennials to Save Money Time: New College Grads Could…

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