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WSJ: The Challenge of Our Disruptive Era

“We are entering an era in which we’re going to have to create a society of life long learners” -Ben Sasse Ben Sasse’s commentary in the Wall Street Journal addresses a very important topic, one I’m not sure the majority of the public is thinking about. We are experiencing a fundamental change in our economy, and this type of transition…

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Vlog: Life Insurance Through Your Employer

With the exception of not having a will, inadequate life insurance is one of the most common “mistakes” I see when meeting with young families. Understandably, no one wants to have the conversation surrounding life insurance, and too often there is a false sense of security because of the life insurance coverage provided by employers. For my first video blog, aka…

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$30 Trilllion

Make sure to follow along on Instagram too! @RLWealthmanagement Past Mixtapes: April 14th April 7th Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog should be considered advice, or recommendations. If you have questions pertaining your individual situation you should consult your financial advisor. For all of the disclaimers, please see my disclaimers page.

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SRI Investing and the ESG Movement

Welcome to the first of an undefined number of posts focusing on sustainable investing, specifically ESG investing. Over the course of the series I’ll be taking you through the fundamentals of sustainable and ESG investing, how it can be implemented by individuals, the impact ESG investing might have on expected returns and it’s shortcomings, reviewing existing studies on ESG investing,…

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Millennials: You Have to Become Millionaires

Earlier this week, an old Wall Street Journal article made its way across my Twitter feed; the title immediately caught my eye: Most Millennials Don’t See Becoming Millionaires, Study Finds. I’ve shared the article below, but if you don’t have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, you won’t be able to read it because it’s hidden behind a paywall. Side…

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Home Country Bias and Your Portfolio

Academic research suggests the foundation for a long term investment strategy is a globally diversified portfolio; statistics show the average investor is holding a domestically diversified portfolio. If the evidence from academic research is so strong, what is the disconnect between the evidence and investor behavior? Most investors suffer from a bias towards investing domestically; in the industry, we call this…

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The Right Type of Relationship with Your Financial Advisor

Recently, Barry Ritholtz wrote an article for The Washington Post that asked a simple question, “Do you need a financial advisor?” I am an avid reader of Barry’s blog (The Big Picture), along with his writings for The Washington Post, Bloomberg and other publications. I’m also a huge fan of what he and his colleagues are doing in the field…

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