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I’m a financial advisor and the founder of RLS Wealth Management, a registered investment advisor in Fishers, Indiana. RLSWM was started in July of 2015 with the belief independent, unbiased financial planning and investment management should be available to everyone looking for it. Not only does RLSWM help Baby Boomers, but Millennials are able to receive financial planning through the WealthFusion™  program.

In addition to having the ability to work with clients regardless of asset level or income, being able to have my own blog was another motivating factor for starting RLSWM. I started All About Your Benjamins to communicate with clients and others looking to educate themselves about their financial planning. Expect to read about financial planning, investments, personal development, my family, and music (especially hip-hop) on All About Your Benjamins.

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RL Wealth Management, L.L.C. DBA RLS Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Indiana.

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