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Designing A Plan For The Pursuit Of Your Authentic Life–The Keep Pursuing Series

The third talk in the Keep Pursuing Series brings attention to the different areas of your life that require planning if you are going to pursue your authentic life. Don’t be mistaken, this talk has very little to do with financial planning–I didn’t work this talk in to find new clients or convince my audience to work with me at RLS Wealth. Sure, finances end up becoming an important part of the plan for your authentic life, but it is only a small part of the total picture.

And it’s the least important.

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designing a plan for the pursuit of your authentic life

the third talk in the Keep Pursuing Series, “designing a plan to pursue your authentic life” discusses the different areas of your life that need to be addressed through planning as you pursue your authentic life. Some of these areas are family, career, friends, and maintaining your personal alignment–and we cover more.


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Chopping it up with a friend who drove over from Columbus, Ohio.

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