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Evolving With Your Authentic Life–The Keep Pursuing Series

The final talk of the Keep Pursuing Series was back on December 6th, and it was the perfect ending to an exciting series and experience. I came into the series with no expectations–I decided I was going to create the talks and allow the flow of life (h/t to Michael A. Singer for the inspiration) to make the series be what it was supposed to be.

Like the fourth talk, I decided to focus on stories of individuals to help show how you can evolve with your authentic life. I chose Andre 3000, my friend Lexi Yoo, and Arnold Schwarzenegger to illustrate what evolving looks like and how passion can be the best guide for your evolution.

You can catch the replay below on YouTube or your favorite podcast player:

evolving with your authentic life

the fifith and final talk in the Keep Pursuing Series, “evolving with your authentic life” highlights the importance of evolving with your authentic life. I explore Andre 3000, my good friend Alexis Yoo, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal growth and evolution in alignment with their authentic lives to identify ways for you to resist the temptation to fall out of alignment with your authentic life.


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