Talking Goals With Roman And Leo

It’s the last day of summer break for the boys, so we decided to squeeze in one last video for the summer; don’t worry, they’ll be back for more, but they may not be on as frequently during the school year. Back to school is a great time to discuss goals for the upcoming year–Roman and Leo share theirs for…

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Weekly Mixtape For February, 3rd 2018

  Morgan Housel via Collaborative Fund: It’s Hard To Predict How You’ll Respond To Risk “An underpinning of psychology is that people are poor forecasters of their future selves. There is all kinds of research backing this up. Imagining a goal is easy and fun. Imagining a goal in the context of the real life stresses that grow with competitive pursuits is hard to do,…

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Vlog: HSA’s and Retirement?!?

Unfortunately, because my family has a medical share plan and not a traditional health insurance plan (revisit this blog to learn more), we are not eligible for what may be the most tax efficient investment vehicle available–the Health Savings Account (HSA), which also happens to be the most under-utilized investment vehicle. In this video, I cover the basics of an…

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Whiteboard Series: Factor Investing

It’s no secret investment management and research is my favorite part of the execution of a financial plan. Prior to starting RL Wealth Management, I would research different strategies and read what the best money managers would write, but I was never in a position where I could use my research in my clients’ portfolios. That all changed in July…

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Whiteboard Series: Beneficiaries

Beneficiary designations are one of the most overlooked parts of a financial plan; it’s a small section of an IRA application, 401(k) enrollment, or life insurance policy, but it is extremely powerful and important. Watch the video below to learn more about beneficiary designations, when you remember to update them, and how beneficiary designations are often forgotten about. Enjoy Leo’s…

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A Rant On Millennials and Savings

This morning I read an article about how Millennials have a harder time saving than their parents, and I wanted to talk about it. Side note: The Millennials I work with have no problem saving, so I know it is possible!   CNN Money: It’s Not Avocado Toast: It’s Actually Harder For Millennials to Save Money Time: New College Grads Could…

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Whiteboard Series: Tax Loss Harvesting

Roman and Leo decided to help me out with today’s Whiteboard Series video. In episode #7 we discuss the basics of tax loss harvesting. I mention this in the video, but to be safe, please consult your financial advisor and/or tax professional before evaluating, or implementing this strategy in your portfolio. In case your interested in my T-Shirt here’s the…

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Whiteboard Series: ESG Investing

Today we’re talking about ESG investing. In addition to today’s video, I’ve included the link the the ESG page on the blog so you can read more about the investment strategy. Stay tuned, because more will be coming.   All About Your Benjamins: ESG Page Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog should be considered advice, or recommendations. If you have questions pertaining your…

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Whiteboard Series: Dollar Cost Averaging

Today we’re going to cover one of the basics of saving and investing: Dollar Cost Averaging.     Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog should be considered advice, or recommendations. If you have questions pertaining your individual situation you should consult your financial advisor. For all of the disclaimers, please see my disclaimers page.