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All-Time Market Highs: A Great Time for a Reminder

Exactly one month ago the fate of the United States was being decided, and initially the U.S. markets were pissed. The overnight futures signaled a bloodbath in the markets at the open; it was so negative, I did something I never do: I wrote a post in response to short term market activity. But then the unthinkable happened–the futures recovered, and the…

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Baby Boomers, Financial Planning, Millennials

The Right Type of Relationship with Your Financial Advisor

Recently, Barry Ritholtz wrote an article for The Washington Post that asked a simple question, “Do you need a financial advisor?” I am an avid reader of Barry’s blog (The Big Picture), along with his writings for The Washington Post, Bloomberg and other publications. I’m also a huge fan of what he and his colleagues are doing in the field…

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