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Advisor Growth Community™ At The Riskalyze Fearless Investing Summit

If you’ve had the change to talk with me, you know once I get going about something I’m passionate about I. JUST. CAN’T. STOP.  So, imagine the excitement when I found out I’d have a chance to share the vision for the Advisor Growth Community™ with over 650 advisors at the Riskalyze Fearless Investing Summit in Boston this week. I tossed and turned Tuesday night as I tried to come up with the perfect 3-4 minute talk about great the AGC™ has already become–containing myself to just a few minutes was going to be hard, but I had it down. Not only would this be a huge opportunity for the future growth of the community, but it would also be a giant step forward toward a personal goal to do more public speaking on an individual level. This would be a brief chance to see if I could command the stage.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning when getting prepped for the logistics for later that day and finding out that my time was cut down to 3-4 SENTENCES. I’d be lying if a little panic didn’t set in…but I had no complaints; I was beyond thankful to be there and would have been happy just to stand on stage for 30 seconds and flashed the AGC™ shirt. But now I had to confine my excitement to just 4 sentences…could I do it?

I think it went well, but I’ll let you be the judge.

In all seriousness, I do want to send a huge public THANK YOU to Aaron Klein and his Riskalyze staff; they put on a tremendous event and the entire Advisor Growth Community™ appreciates their generosity in allowing us to share our story with a ballroom full of exceptional advisors–many who would be great additions when enrollment opens back up in January.

Huge bonus: not only did I get to share the AGC™ with everyone, but a few of us were able to get together for coffee and a great conversation this morning.

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