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RLWM is Growing

I’ve been making the rounds on social media today sharing some exciting news…the RL Wealth Management family is growing. No, I’m not quite ready to hire my first employee. Rather, my wife is expecting our third child in late October, and since RLWM is an extension of my family, I view it as the company is growing too.

As we prepare for our expanding family, I’ll be including some posts pertaining to having children for readers getting ready to welcome a new member to their family. Some of the topics I’ll be covering are:img_3440

  • Wills
  • 529 Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Family-Work Balance

I’ve addressed some of these in the past, and we’ll dive a little deeper this time around.

We are just as excited the third time around as we were with Roman and Leo, and I’m looking forward to incorporating the addition in my writing.  

Oh, and it looks like I will eventually be rebranding so no one is left out.


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