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The Advisor Growth Community™

Update: Advisor Growth Community™ Website

By now, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen the project Taylor Schulte and I have been working on–The Advisor Growth Community™. But, if somehow you’ve missed the tweets, videos, and interviews over the last few weeks I’ve got your hook up so you can get up to speed, and if you’re a financial advisor decide if this community is something you’d benefit from or have been looking for.

This post is for the financial advisors, but if you’re not a financial advisor, you might find it interesting to see how some of us are looking to continue our growth as advisors to better serve our clients and build better businesses.

A quick summary of The AGC™:

  • A paid community for collaborative and growth-minded financial advisors
  • Weekly webinars including guest speakers
  • Focus is to grow together professionally AND personally–topics for webinars, conversations, and more will focus on both.
  • Actionable items that can be implemented immediately.
  • An evolving community based on the needs of the advisors.
  • Beta group of 50 advisors beginning in October with registration beginning September

If you have not signed up for email updates, you can do so here; we have our final and biggest announcement yet this week!


First Email 

Second Email

Interviews Two FinTwits Launch Paid Private Community For Advisors “The new community, which advisors can join for an annual fee (not yet disclosed), will involve guest lectures, webinars, workshops and other projects aimed at holding each other accountable. The ambition is to make it a blend of marketing, branding and practice management resources. But it will also focus on personal development, something that’s important to the next generation of advisors.”

RIA Intel: Do-Good Advisors – Or Something Else? Two RIAs Explain Their New, $999, Advisors-Only Club “The RIAs both said they haven’t sacrificed attention paid to their clients, but that their effort to create the group has taken away from going out and getting more. Neither have plans to close their RIA or make any material changes regarding their wealth management businesses in favor of the pursuit.”


Insight On How I Plan To Manage All Of This

All About Your Benjamins: Brand Enthusiast “The answer is I’ve decided for the time being that RLS Wealth Management will only be taking on new clients that are referrals from existing clients and the occasional entrepreneur–while most firms are focusing on growing, I’ll be focused on maintaining the status quo. With the team I have in place, I can continue to take care of my clients, take on an occasional client, and have time to work with other advisors…I’ve given these new ventures a lot of thought, have talked to a number of individuals I highly respect, and I know this is something I need to do. I tell my clients that I want them to follow their passions—I want to create financial plans that will help them do so and it’s only right I follow my own advice.”

Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog should be considered advice, or recommendations. If you have questions pertaining to your individual situation you should consult your financial advisor. For all of the disclaimers, please see my disclaimers page.