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The Rebrand Is Official

Well, it’s official: The DBA paperwork has been filed with the Secretary of the State of Indiana and approved, the ADV has been updated, and revamped logos are finalized–the change from RL Wealth Management to RLS Wealth Management is complete. And with no more plans to add to our family, there will be no more rebranding. Who knew all of the work that would go into adding one more letter to a name…

  • Paperwork
  • New website and email
  • New G Suite, which means transferring all files over
  • Updating contact information everywhere
  • New logo
  • A bunch of other little things which are taken for granted

What’s In A Name?

For me, the decision to start my own firm was easy, but picking the name, now that was the hard part. I knew I didn’t want to name the firm “Castelli Wealth Management”–no knock against anyone who has named their firm after themselves; I understand the SEO benefits of doing so, but I didn’t want the firm to be about me, again not a knock on any “Last Name” firms out there. I also knew I didn’t want a traditional financial planning name with a logo like a lighthouse, compass, or fill in the blank with a stereotypical image. I wanted something different, and my initial choice was WealthFusion™, which I made the wise decision to use for my monthly subscription program for young professionals. Left without a choice that got me excited, it finally hit me shortly before making the leap, to name my firm after a couple of the most important people in my life—my two sons, Roman and Leo. Once I wrote RL Wealth Management down I paper, I knew I had my firm’s name. I also had a backup plan for the meaning of the initials should the boys act up, the R would become Retirement and the L would become Life–planning for retirement and life.

Fast forward a couple of years, we welcomed Silas to the family, and I couldn’t leave him out of the firm’s name…so now it has become RLS Wealth Management. I love the name, the new logos and everything my firm is becoming. And I still have my backup plan in case the boys don’t deserve to have the company named after them…R-Retirement, L-Life, and S-Self since financial planning involves so much more planning than just numbers. But, I don’t I think I’ll need to use those meanings…









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