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Yesterday’s Price Is Not Today’s Price

Pusha T, one of of my favorite artists, released a new single this week–“Diet Coke”. The song leads in with a sample from Fat Joe where he emphatically suggests that “yesterday’s price is not today’s price”.

The song has been on heavy rotation since it came out and the more I hear Fat Joe kick off the song, the more I think about how we all should have the goal to make our price tomorrow more than it is today.

What are you doing each day to improve and make yourself more valuable to your company, network, friends, family, and world?!?

Think about the time wasted scrolling Twitter (I’m guilty but getting better), living vicariously through others on the ‘Gram, or getting terrible investment advice on TikTok. Those minutes, or sadly hours, could be spent reading, learning new skills, networking, building, or creating if you’re looking to increase your professional value.

If you’re looking to increase your personal value, that time could be spent talking with your partner, playing with your kids, exercising, volunteering, or any other number of activities that would make your value to others greater each day.

Making tomorrow’s price greater than today’s doesn’t mean you have to burn both ends of the candle–I’ve done that and trust me you don’t want to–it means being intentional with how you spend your time.

The goal should be to efficiently spend more time doing activities that will help you grow and increase your price and shed those keeping your value stagnant or even worse driving it down.

Enjoy Pusha’s new single!

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