Bulletproof Coffee and a Talk

The Whiteboard Series Has a New Name

The Whiteboard Series is being rebranded as “Bulletproof Coffee and a Talk”; you’ll notice the set up has changed a little–we’re keeping the whiteboard, but now you’ll see me (and the boys when they’re able to make it) sitting down for a little more relaxed setting. We’re still going to be covering topics relevant to financial planning and investments, and I’ll continue to keep the videos short and sweet.

In the first week of the rebranded Bulletproof Coffee and a Talk, I discuss “mean reversion”. I mention a Wall Street Journal article and a post from my friend Brendan Mullooly in the video, and you can find links to both below the video. If you have any topics you’d like to see covered in a future video, please drop me a line at Justin at rlwealthmanagement dot com, or send me a tweet (@Jus10Castelli).


WallStreet Journal: The Morningstar Mirage

Brendan Mullooly: The Meanest Reversion

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