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The Suit: Financial Planning For A New Generation

Recently, I was interviewed by The Suit magazine regarding my focus on working with Millennials. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to continue working with pre-retirees and retirees, along with my peers. I was told by other advisors that working with younger clients was not possible…well, in just a year my WealthFusion™ program is growing, and I’m finding plenty of…

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Organizing Your Financial Plan

Once you have your financial plan, it’s important to make sure the components of the plan, i.e. insurance documents, investment accounts, estate planning documents, etc., are organized. Sure, you may know where everything is located, but does your spouse? If someone else had to locate the components of your plan, could they? How difficult would it be? I recommend keeping…

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Money & Hip-Hop

Typically, rap artists are not your go-to source for financial advice, or even a good example of what to do with your money. For every Jay-Z, there are hundreds of MC Hammers; from the entourages to grills, homes, cars, partying and other frivolous spending, there is little financial responsibility. However, there is no shortage of songs about money, so I…

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Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

What’s your most valuable asset? Your 401(k)? Your home? Guess again. While these two assets typically dominate most Millennials’ assets section on a net worth statement, there is an asset that is more valuable than both–your income. Without your income, there is no 401(k) and no home; your income provides for your family, allows you to save for the future,…

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Assembling Your Financial Dream Team

Basketball has always been a big part of my life; I fell in love with it when I was two years old, played through college, and continue to enjoy it with my two boys. The other day I was watching a game with my oldest, Roman, and I had an epiphany. Much like a basketball team’s quest for a championship…

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