Weekly Mixtape For December 4th, 2022

The headlines that may or may not be impacting your financial plan and portfolio.”

Jobs Still Strong, Fed Raising At Slower Rate, Yield Curve Update, and Food Prices Cooling

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Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: November Employment Report Shows U.S. Economy Added 263,000 Jobs

The WSJ: Jobs Report Keeps Federal Reserve on Track for 0.5-Point Rate Rise

The WSJ: Dow Shines as Higher Rates Squeeze Nasdaq’s Tech Stocks

The WSJ: Yield Curve Inversion Reaches New Extremes

The WSJ: Kroger Says Food Inflation Beginning to Ease

SurgiFi on Twitter: “Wealth = (Assets – Liabilities) + HappinessWe spend a lot of time talking about decreasing liabilities & being frugal And we don’t spend enough time about talking about the happiness portion of the equation / Twitter”

Wealth = (Assets – Liabilities) + HappinessWe spend a lot of time talking about decreasing liabilities & being frugal And we don’t spend enough time about talking about the happiness portion of the equation

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Getting Wealth vs. Staying Wealthy “But keeping money requires the opposite of taking risk. It requires humility, and fear that what you’ve made can be taken away from you just as fast. It requires frugality and an acceptance that at least some of what you’ve made is attributable to luck, so past success can’t be relied upon to repeat indefinitely.

Dr. Joy Lere: The Gifts We Give Our Kids “Older kids who may have more of a sense of what things cost can often catch on pretty quickly if someone is trying to replace time or presence with nice things. I talk to these people in therapy. Trust me, this strategy doesn’t work. You can’t buy love.

Dr. Phil Pearlman: A Practical Guide To Staying Healthy Over The Winter “It is my hunch that over the coming years, we will find that mobile device addiction, including use at night, is much worse for our mental and physical health than even the most ardent digital minimalists currently claim.

Khe Hy: How To Deal With Regrets “I personally don’t have many regrets. Not because I’m special or risk-seeking, but because I see the actions I’ve taken in my life as exactly that: my life.

A Wealth Of Common Sense: This Year Could Have Been Worse For Investors “Rational investing comes from the understanding that long-run returns are the only ones that matter.

Of Dollars And Data: How Much Growth Can You Expect? “I wanted to share these results because there are many personal finance gurus who will advertise expected growth numbers far in excess of this and it can be quite misleading. 

The Reformed Broker: Why They Clapped For Sam Bankman-Fried “Bernie Madoff confessed his crime to his sons and he was in handcuffs before the end of the day. And that shit was like fifty times more complex than wiring customer funds into a hedge fund or using collateral to buy properties in the Bahamas in your parents’ names. Madoff had an entire floor of an office building in Manhattan dedicated to creating fake account statements, staffed with multiple accomplices, over the course of decades. Sam looks like an amateur in comparison. A dabbler. Still walking free, weeks later. It’s inexplicable.”

Jeremy Finger: Retirement Spending Is Just As Important As Retirement Savings “You have more immediate control over what you spend, than what you earn. Too often, financial articles talk about how to make more money. They don’t talk enough about needing less money.”

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