Must-Listen-To-Podcast: Taylor Schulte’s Experiments In Advisor Marketing

Lately, I’ve enjoyed spending my free time creating content, learning how to best distribute that content, and discovering more ways to market for RLS Wealth Management. I don’t have a traditional marketing background–I studied economics in college and for most of my career, I wasn’t able to market my myself and business. And while I feel confident in what I’ve learned on my own, I also have an ace up my sleeve–Taylor Schulte.

I’ve had the fortune to get to know Taylor and talk shop (on camera and off) about marketing and branding with him; he has been very generous with his time and expertise with me and he’s upped his generosity with his new podcast, Experiments In Advisor Marketing, for everyone. As I mentioned in the video, I have a notebook specific for Experiments In Advisors Marketing and I carve out time to sit and listen to the podcast with the intent on taking notes–I don’t do this with any other podcast.

If you are a financial advisor looking to improve your marketing–either for your personal brand or your firm, Experiments In Advisor Marketing better be on your subscribed list. If you’re not a financial advisor but are looking to improve your marketing, you too should be listening to Taylor’s podcast–marketing is universal.

While you’re listening, please do me a favor and rate, review and share Experiments In Advisor Marketing. Selfishly, I want Taylor to be able to do more of these podcasts, and if his audience grows, this will be a possibility and we’ll all be better because we’ll be getting more information. So give him some 5 Stars!!

I also mentioned Rory Sutherlandn’s Alchemy, which is a must read. The link for that is below!

Experiments In Advisor Marketing

Alchemy by Rory Sutherland

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