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Whiteboard Series: Wealthy vs. Rich

The whole squad is back again for the first Whiteboard Series Video in the new office. In this episode, we are taking a different approach–instead of just defining a financial planning term, we’re discussing a topic that has been of great interest to me as of late; I’ve been asking every podcast guest about this and my most recent podcast guest, Brian Portnoy, and I had a lengthy conversation about it: defining wealth.

Roman and Leo share their definitions of wealthy and rich, along with which of the two they would choose. Spoiler alert: one passes and the other fails. In addition to watching this episode, be sure to listen to my conversation with Brian Portnoy, the author of The Geometry of Wealth this Tuesday (June 19, 2018) for a much deeper conversation and Brian’s wisdom. In the meantime, enjoy Roman and Leo’s take on the difference between wealthy and rich and be sure to stay for the Floss at the end.


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