Bigger Picture

Cash Shouldn’t Rule Everything Around You

At the end of every podcast episode, I’ve asked my guests the same question…“How do you define wealth?” After 23 episodes, I have yet to hear the same answer twice, and I have yet to hear anyone include an amount of money in their definition. Instead, the definitions have identified the freedom to spend time with loved ones, good health,…

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All About Your Benjamins The Podcast

Financial Planning For Young Professionals With Douglas Boneparth, CFP® (023)

Many Millennials are entering a stage in their lives where proper financial planning will make a huge impact on their futures. The trouble is, for so long financial advisors didn’t want to work with young professionals, which led to a group of individuals believing they don’t need or aren’t ready for financial planning. Fortunately, there is a growing force of…

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Talkin' Shop

Talkin’ Shop: RIA Firms and Wall Street Money

Last week I came across an article referenced by Michael Kitces discussing the recent IPO of Focus Financial, a large Registered Investment Advisor. Focus Financial raised $500 million in its initial public offering, which will be used to purchase up to 500 smaller RIA firms as it attempts to grow via acquisition. Although growing via acquisition isn’t my ideal growth strategy, I don’t…

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Weekly Mixtape For September 1st, 2018

Week In Review Articles: The WSJ: Trump Hails U.S.-Mexico Trade Pact, Says ‘We’ll See’ With Canada The WSJ: U.S., Canada Pass Friday Deadline With No Nafta Deal The WSJ: Small Stocks Hang On to Big Gains, for Now The WSJ: SEC Chairman Wants to Let More Main Street Investors In on Private Deals The WSJ: Trump Signs Executive Order on Retirement Savings The WSJ: Merrill Lynch…

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