Weekly Mixtape For September 1st, 2018

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: Trump Hails U.S.-Mexico Trade Pact, Says ‘We’ll See’ With Canada

The WSJ: U.S., Canada Pass Friday Deadline With No Nafta Deal

The WSJ: Small Stocks Hang On to Big Gains, for Now

The WSJ: SEC Chairman Wants to Let More Main Street Investors In on Private Deals

The WSJ: Trump Signs Executive Order on Retirement Savings

The WSJ: Merrill Lynch to Resume Charging Commissions on Retirement Accounts


The Reformed Broker: Just Asking “Would you invest your money with someone who couldn’t articulate anything about their process or beliefs, and trafficked instead in one-off pitches of individual ideas, latching onto whatever the hot buzzword or trend of the moment might be?”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Why Doesn’t The Stock Market Care About the News? “Investors care about earnings, interest rates, trends, and sentiment. The stock market and the economy are bigger than any one person or one administration.”

The Financial Bodyguard: The Thanksgiving Turkey “To add insult to injury, once an outlier event occurs which we failed to foresee, we tend to believe it will happen again.”

Brendan Mullooly: Negative Space: Why It Always Feels Like the Top “Trying to time the market is a terrific way to erode your investment returns into the dirt. Bear markets are an inevitable part of investing, so having a financial plan and investment portfolio that can get you through them (psychologically and monetarily) is vital.”

BPS and Pieces: Information Amid Noise “I don’t blame the networks and publications for regurgitating this stuff every day – they know it’s total B.S. just as much as we do! Their obligation to their viewers advertisers is not to provide nuance but to create an aura of certainty and to scratch the perennial itch we all have to know *why* something is happening.”

Of Dollars And Data: What Will Always Be True ” Just like you cannot change human behavior and you cannot change the role that chance will play in your investment outcomes.  These are all things we have to live with.”

Dr. Peter Attia Podcast: Corey McCarthy A must listen. H/T to Patrick O’Shaughnessy for the recommendation.

December 26er Podcast: Tyrone Ross Another must listen. I’ve gotten to know Tyrone and he is a tremendous individual and his story is sure to positively impact many. You might need tissues.

James Clear: 7 Ways to Retain More of Every Book You Read

All About Your Benjamins: Talkin’ Shop w/ Joe Kolb, CFP®

All About Your Benjamins: Whiteboard Series: An Investment Strategy Does Not A Financial Plan Make

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