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Talkin’ Shop: Joe Kolb, CFP® and Does RIA Size Matter?

I’ve met some incredible people thanks to Twitter, and my pal Joe Kolb is one of those people. Joe made the trip all the way from Rhode Island to talk a little shop with me; well, he actually was going to St. Louis to meet with a client, but he made the trip from the STL to Fishers, IN and back in the same day just to hang out for a bit.

We had a great conversation about what we are doing at our respective firms, and I decided to turn on the cameras as we discussed a recent post from Michael Kitces about the future of “small” Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) like the ones we run. It was a lot of fun, and I’m thankful for Joe making the trip over!

If you’re an advisor and will be passing through the Indianapolis area, hit me up on Twitter and I’d love to have you swing by for another episode of Talkin’ Shop!

Michael Kitces: The Long Tail, The Big Head, and the Dangerous Middle Of Financial Advisory Firms

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