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Talkin’ Shop: Genti Cici, CFP®, CAIA® And Financial Literacy

Sometimes you meet people and immediately know they are different–in a good way! I had the opportunity to meet Genti Cici, CFP®, CAIA® this summer in Montreal at the Inside ETF’s Canada conference. We had an opportunity to talk for a while about his passion for financial literacy. We’re all aware of the lack of financial literacy in America and many financial advisors talk about the issue. Yet, few actually take actions to try to improve it and even fewer create opportunities to bring financial literacy and advice to those overlooked by the profession.

Genti is one of the few.

He and his wife spent a year in an RV traveling the US providing a financial literacy course FOR FREE on college campuses. In addition to the trip, he has also created affordable classes teaching the basics of finance and a free software that generates a financial plan customized to the data entered. Genti also works with your traditional clients, but he is also taking his knowledge and expertise to those who need it the most.

I got to spend time with Genti again at Wealth/Stack earlier this week and he joined me for an episode of Talkin’ Shop; we’ll be recording a podcast episode in the not-so-distant-future. But for now, check out this episode of Talkin’ Shop to meet Genti. I hope his platform continues to grow and he is able to help more individuals and families.

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