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Talkin’ Shop: Alex Chalekian, CEP® And AdvisorsUNITE w/Special Guest Cullen Roche

There are few financial advisors willing to help out others more than Alex Chalekian. I’ve gotten the chance to get to know Alex over the last few months–he recently joined my “study group” and had an immediate positive impact on our group. One of the coolest things Alex is up to is AdvisorsUNITE, which is a free platform to help financial advisors educate themselves when it comes to buying and selling practices.

If you’re not in the profession you may not know about the imbalance in the age of financial advisors; currently, we are overweight older advisors nearing retirement with not enough young advisors joining to replace them. This leads to an abundance of opportunity for mergers and acquisitions, which is not easy to pull off smoothly. Alex has acquired multiple practices as his firm Lake Avenue Financial has grown. Rather than keep the lessons he has learned to himself, Alex decided to share them with other advisors.

Alex is as selfless as they come and we are lucky to have an ambassador in our profession like him. If you’re a financial advisor looking to learn more about selling your practice or you’re looking to acquire practices, check out AdvisorsUNITE to learn more about how to improve your chances of success.

Be sure to check out this episode of Talkin’ Shop to learn more about the “why” behind AdvisorsUNITE, what we liked about the IMN Global Indexing and ETF conference, and why we are excited for Wealth/Stack in the fall. We also have a special appearance by the one and only Cullen Roche, which you won’t want to miss!


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