Weekly Mixtape For June 30th, 2019

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Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: S&P 500 Posts Best First Half in 22 Years

The WSJ: Trump Allows U.S. Sales to Huawei as Trade Talks Resume

The WSJ: Trump, Kim Agree to Resume Nuclear Talks

The WSJ: Biden Draws Bulk of Attacks in Second Debate

The WSJ: The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Wins With Its Back to the Wall


Tyrone Ross Jr.: Humble Pie “My mother never let us feel sorry for ourselves; and always taught me to give away the little I had if someone ever needed it more.”

Ryan Krueger: 4,000-To-1 Long Sho“Curry became more curious. The best shooter, surrounded by the ideal environment, snuck away to learn more. He invested time in the off-season to break the game-board again, by disrupting himself first. The only way for any of us to do that is to listen to a very different outside opinion”

Calibrating Capital: The Money Value Of Time “I don’t believe that Time is equal to Money. I believe Time is more valuable than Money simply because Time is non-renewable.” 

Of Dollars And Data: Are Smarter People Better Investors “The reason why smarter people are better investors has to do with their investment knowledge, not necessarily their brains’ raw processing power.  Smarter people knew to avoid huge trading costs and other fees, they knew to be wary of entering markets at extremely high valuations (i.e. DotCom), and they knew about behavioral biases (i.e. the disposition effect).  “

Andrew Thrasher: Student Loans Are Not A National Crisis ” I believe young Americans would be much more benefited by financial education than simply wiping away their debt. Give future generations a more thorough understanding of what debt is (all kinds not just student loan), how it impacts their financial life, as well as other critical financial topics like saving, investing, and budgeting before they venture out into the world. Knowledge is power and financial knowledge is lacking in our education system.”

Ashby Daniels: A Retirement Trial Run “But as I sit here on a Tuesday night and I’ve only been “off” since Friday, I really do find it difficult to 100% unplug. So, I can only imagine what retirement truly feels like especially early on in the first few weeks and months of retirement. It is harder than most people originally thought.”

Your Brain On Stocks: The Unsatisfying Certitude Of Uncertainty “Unfortunately, if our quest is to eradicate uncertainty from investing, eternal disappointment is all that awaits. It’s deeply unsatisfying, but we will never know all the reasons investors buy or sell on any given day. To suggest otherwise is to deny reality.”

Barry Ritholtz: Market Forces — Not Regulation — Are Driving Adoption Of Fiduciary Standard ” My thesis is that the investors who dealt with fiduciaries suffered much less from these events and some of the investing public began to notice that.”

Howard Lindzon: I Need A Favo“I am in the business of making deposits that I hope I never need to withdraw.”