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Talkin’ Shop: Dasarte Yarnway And “Pay Me In Equity”

I finally had the chance to meet Dasarte Yarnway in person at the IMN Global Indexing and ETF conference in Dana Point last week. Dasarte and I have become pretty close over the last year as you can see from his tweet the other day:

Our friendship began when I came across his book, Young Money, and asked him to join me early in the All About Your Benjamins The Podcast days to talk about the book and working with young professionals. You can revisit that old episode here. We also collaborated on a joint podcast for my podcast The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint about the influence Nipsey Hussle had on business and entrepreneurship. You can check that episode out here.

I’ve grown to respect Dasarte for the advisor he is, the direction he is heading (he’s just 28), and for the friend he has become.

It was only fitting that I had Dasarte join me for an episode of Talkin’ Shop to discuss his upcoming release, Pay Me In Equity. While I struggle to write blog posts, he’s written three books with a fourth one coming, I’m sure. Pay Me In Equity is going to be the must-have handbook for young professionals working in tech, along with anyone interested in owning more of themselves–you’ll have to listen to Dasarte in this video and read the book to understand what I mean.

We also find time to talk about what we enjoyed at the conference, and you’ll want to stay tuned to see the group discussion Dasarte was a part of with myself and a room of other advisors.

Twitter: @DasarteYarnway

Pay Me In Equity (Link Coming Soon)

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