Weekly Mixtape For September 1st, 2019

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Markets Show Resilience in Topsy-Turvy August

The WSJ: Strength in U.S. Consumer Spending Drives Economy

The WSJ: Historic Asset Boom Passes by Half of Families

The WSJ: CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account Was Hacked, Company Says

The WSJ: Fierce Hurricane Dorian Now Threatens Wider Stretch of U.S.


Morgan Housel: You Better Love This “Fees are something you’re happy to pay because you know you’re getting something greater in return. Fines are things you should avoid, a feeling that you’re being punished and need to do things differently.”

Khe Hy: To Be Free, Stop Caring What Others Think “First, it follows that if you are seeking praise, that there are many people’s expectations you must satisfy. The Philosopher would call this “swearing loyalty” to people such colleagues, neighbors, parents, friends, spouses, classmates (and Instagram followers). If “there are ten people, one must swear loyalty to all ten” and live by their expectations. But alas, there is “a great contradiction” looming:”

Your Brain On Stocks: It’s Not Rocket Science “After all, failing at something complex appears more laudable than struggling with something that’s, “not rocket science”. When we don’t like the rules, we change the game.”

The Reformed Broker: Give Me All The Smoke, I’m Here For It “As a monthly dollar cost averager and sometime lump sum allocator, I never root for all time high prices. I’d rather have the drama. Give me all the smoke. I can take it.”

The WSJ: The Problem With Believing What We’re Told “Rather than holding our collective breath waiting for social media companies to magically resolve the problem with yet-to-be invented algorithms for filtering out fake news, we need to promote information literacy. Nudging people into critical reflection is becoming ever more important, as malicious actors find more potent ways to use technology and social media to leverage the frailties of the human mind. We can start by recognizing our own cognitive weaknesses and taking responsibility for overcoming them.”

The Reformed Broker: The Real Bubble Has Always Been In Active Management “You can never have a bubble in humility, apathy and passivity, which had always been the status quo up until the ’87-’07 period and is the more natural posture for investors to adopt for the future.”

Calibrating Capital: Financial Independence* “All this to say, there’s tremendous value in defining how much is Enough for our lives, measured by current income, future income, and net worth. And very likely, many of us can arrive at that Enough figure at some point, or perhaps are already there. There is contentment and peace that can come from doing so.”

Retirement Field Guide: Writing A Letter To Your Loved Ones “These are the lessons that I want to pass on to my sons at age 36.”

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