The Pursuit

F**k The Haters With Dr. David Rhoiney | The Pursuit

I was scrolling through Twitter last week and saw my friend Dr. David Rhoiney share his thoughts about why we shouldn’t let the opinions of others impact our happiness and Pursuit–especially when it’s hate or doubt. It’s important to understand that as you begin to blaze your own path there will inevitably be others who will not support you. So…

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All About Your Benjamins The Podcast

The Brands Of All About Your Benjamins

It’s hard to believe All About Your Benjamins just turned six years old–it’s exactly six years and one month old today. Over the years I’ve wandered and experimented to find my voice as a creator. I started writing with the goal of focusing on investments more than anything–Michael Batnick and Josh Brown were the first advisor-bloggers I read religiously and…

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