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A Deeper Dive Into Fintech With Ian Rosen (029)

The personal finance and investing experience is constantly changing and changing for the better thanks to technology; Fintech is providing education, access, and leveling the playing field and there are few people, if any, who are entrenched in the space than Ian Rose. Ian is the CEO of StockTwits, a platform for investors to trade ideas and learn from each other. In addition to being a great tool for investors, StockTwits is also your go-to for market-related gear–check out the link below for their shop.

I love technology and am fascinated by what I see occurring in the FinTech space, so I asked Ian to join me to share his love an experience in FinTech. We talk about his path to becoming the CEO of StockTwits, the happiness he has found in his role, what excited him about FinTech, and the one company he sees with the most potential. I also steal his favorite question and ask him what he is afraid of.

I’ll hopefully be connecting with Ian in November, so hopefully, I’ll be able to provide some more insight with a quick follow-up.

I hope you enjoy!

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