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An Introduction To Jamie Catherwood (030)

At some point this summer I noticed a new and very active member in the FinTwit community; he was reaching out to all of the people we know and respect to meet for coffee, lunch, dinner, or just some of their time to ask questions and learn. It was obvious he was having success by the thank you tweets he was sending out, and when you see FinTwit royalty taking time to meet with the same person, you take note.

Then he started dropping these great blog posts where he would go back in time and connect history with finance; if you hadn’t noticed him through his networking, then you definitely were noticing him because of his writing.

Because he came upon us all so quickly, I asked Jamie Catherwood to join me for a conversation that might serve as more of an introduction to who he is.

  • What’s his story?
  • Why finance and history?
  • When not studying, reading, or writing what is he doing?
  • And more…

I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Jamie a few time prior to this episode, and I’m excited for listeners to learn more about him.

I hope you enjoy!

iTunes: All About Your Benjamins The Podcast Ep. 30

Show Notes:

Twitter: @jfc_3_

Medium: Jamie Catherwood Blog

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