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Mastering Your Mindset With Dasarte Yarnway (011)

On the eleventh episode of All About Your Benjamins The Podcast I’m joined by CEO and Co-Founder of Berknell Financial Group, Dasarte Yarnway. Not only is Dasarte a CEO at the age of 26, but he is also a published author with his new book Young Money–making me feel like an underachiever at the age of 36!

In Young Money Dasarte shares four actions to help readers build wealth, and I asked him to join me to discuss one particular action–Mastering Your Mindset. Most financial books cover the basics of budgeting, asset allocation, saving, etc. and all of those(and more) are covered in Young Money, but I really appreciate how Dasarte goes beyond and discusses the psychological areas tied to personal finance as well.

In our time together we also discuss his childhood and how it shaped his views on money, his career as a football player at the University of California-Berkeley, how he got interested in finance and more. I think you will enjoy Dasarte and our conversation; he will definitely be someone you will hear from again on the podcast.

Be sure to order a copy of his book for yourself or someone who could use a good introduction to personal finance.

I hope you enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Young Money by Dasarte Yarnway (Support Dasarte and grab a copy!)

Twitter: @DasarteYarnway

Berknell Financial Group

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