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The Geometry Of Wealth With Brian Portnoy (017)

On the seventeenth episode of All About Your Benjamins The Podcast I’m joined by Brian Portnoy, Director of Investment Education for Virtus Investment Partners. In addition to his role with Virtus, Brian is also an esteemed author, and I asked him to join me to discuss his newest book, The Geometry Of Wealth.

As you will hear me mention in the podcast, I think The Geometry Of Wealth should be required reading before beginning down the financial planning path. Understanding why humans view money they way we do is an important concept that can have a positive impact on a financial plan. Brian does an outstanding job of breaking this down and making it very easy to understand. While we cover a lot of ground in our conversation, we only touch on the tip of the iceberg; you will most certainly want to grab a copy of The Geometry Of Wealth to get the rest of Brian’s expertise on the subject.

Not only will you receive a great education by purchasing his book, but Brian is also donating 100% of the proceeds to various charities important to him and his family. You learn and others benefit financially—better grab a couple of copies to share the knowledge.

I feel fortunate to have connected with Brian via Twitter and to have him take the time to join me for this episode. It was a great conversation and an even better book.

I hope you enjoy!

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Show Notes

The Geometry Of Wealth by Brian Portnoy

The Investors Paradox by Brian Portnoy

Twitter: @BrianPortnoy


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