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Phil Pearlman: Building On The Experiences Of Others

It’s been said, “experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own.” Phil Pearlman, the Chief Community Officer at StockTwits, has experienced multiple economic cycles, market crashes and recoveries, business successes and failures, and other life events making him a master teacher we can all learn from. In this episode, we briefly touch on current market conditions and then dive deeper into how we can grow as individuals, how our mindset can impact our growth, the importance of knowing what is most important to you, and a number of other observations. This conversation will impact everyone in different ways–there’s something for everyone who is looking to grow or improve their current situation. Phil delivers a lot of wisdom in an entertaining and inspiring manner. This is one of my favorite episodes, easily!

In addition to his role at StockTwits, Phil is also a content creator (Eight Fat Swine), invests in digital companies at all stages of development, and is obsessed with the psychological aspects of investor behavior, user experience, and online community development. Prior to his days at ST,  Phil was Director of Marketing at Bank OZK and Interactive Editor at Yahoo Finance where he created the Contributors Program.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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