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Esports and Gaming With Blake Street (021)

Gaming and esports are quietly becoming a multi-billion dollar industry, and it’s not just the game and device makers profiting. Gamers and e-athletes are receiving college scholarships, endorsements, and surprising incomes for playing their favorite video games. Blake Street, a founding partner and Chief Investment Officer for Warren Street Wealth Advisors, is not only a financial advisor but a gamer himself.

I asked Blake to join me for a discussion about all things gaming. We cover everything from the difference between gaming and esports, how gamers and e-athletes are creating careers out of their passion for gaming, ways to participate in the growth of this industry and more. Blake even shares a little about his past life as a professional gamer.

To round out the conversation, we take it from the digital court to the NBA hardwood and discuss his beloved Lakers offseason signing of LeBron James and Lance Stephenson, along with Kobe Bryant.

If you are new to or have children interested in gaming, this will be an eye-opening episode.

I hope you enjoy!

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