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George Kinder: Life Planning And A Golden Civilization

George Kinder is the father of the Life Planning movement, a unique approach to financial planning, and author of one of my favorite planning books, The Seven Stages Of Money Maturity; he also recently released another book that expands on the life planning concept called A Golden Civilization And The Map Of Mindfulness, which we discuss later in our conversation. Having George on the podcast was a huge honor as I’ve become a big fan of his after my podcast episode with Scott Frank last year (you can listen to that conversation here) and being introduced to his teachings.

We cover everything from the Seven Stages of Money Maturity, to Kinder’s three questions, to his Golden Civilization. Talking to George was very easy and enjoyable, and I think you’ll really enjoy his passion for everything he does.

Show Notes:

The Seven Stage Of Money Maturity

A Golden Civilization And The Map Of Mindfulness

The Kinder Institute Of Life Planning

Twitter: @kinderinstitute


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