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Meeting Of The Minds II: Wealth/Stack Podcast

The Meeting Of The Minds in Dana Point was one of my favorite videos I’ve recorded this year. After getting such a warm response to it, I decided I am going to do my best to organize a fresh Meeting Of The Minds at each conference I attend. As I’m sure you are well aware, Wealth/Stack wrapped up not too long ago, and I was able to fill another hotel room with some of my friends to discuss various topics related to financial planning and advice. Just like in Dana Point, the hotel room in Scottsdale was full of the brightest minds in our profession and the leaders of the future. I mention this in the podcast, but it’s worth noting here…the individuals in this hotel room will be names that will change the profession. Trust me.

Below are all of the financial advisors, their Twitter handles, and their company websites.

I hope you enjoy!

Courtney Ranstrom / Trailhead Planners

Nina O’Neal / Archer Investment Management

Samuel Deane / Deane Financial

Steve Sivak / Innovate Wealth

Brendan Mullooly / Mullooly Asset Management

Tim Mullooly / Mullooly Asset Management

Ashby Daniels / Shorebridge Wealth Management

Brad Sherman / Sherman Wealth Management

Russell Kroeger / Upstart Wealth Management

Michael Policar / Hightower Bellevue

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