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Sector Bias In Portfolios With Lawrence Hamtil (035)

We’ve covered various behavior biases impacting investors’ portfolios, and in this episode, we will explore a new one…one you’ve probably never thought about–sector bias. Lawrence Hamtil, a principal with Fortune Financial Advisors, is one of FinTwit’s top investment researchers and writers, and he has written extensively on this topic.

I love having guests who challenge my views on investing and portfolio construction, and this episode definitely opened my eyes. Lawrence takes us through how sector bias occurs, what options investors have to combat it, and why investors should take a closer look at where their dollars are allocated.

If you follow Lawrence on Twitter, you know a conversation with him would not be complete without talking a little weightlifting–after all, that is why we originally connected on Twitter.

I hope you enjoy!


Show Notes:

The Perils Of Sector Bias

Twitter: @lhamtil

Fortune Financial Advisors

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