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The Frugal Athlete With Amobi Okugo (034)

There is no shortage of stories of professional athletes going bankrupt or being taken advantage of by financial advisors, and my guest Amobi Okugo is determined to change those narratives. Amobi is a professional soccer player in the MLS (fun fact: he went pro after his freshman year at UCLA) and the founder of A Frugal Athlete, which is his platform for educating and encouraging athletes to responsibly handle their finances. I originally came across Amobi’s story reading our mutual friend Stephen Nelson’s interview with him, and I immediately reached out for an introduction.

In this episode, Amobi walks us through how A Frugal Athlete came to be, his vision for the company, and how athletes can change the way they view and handle money. We also discuss how being an athlete has helped him experience success off the pitch (that’s soccer for field) with his company.

Although Amobi is creating content to help athletes, the lessons can apply to everyone. There might be certain characteristics that are unique to athletes, like shorter career cycles, but living within your means, managing money properly, and having a strong financial foundation is something everyone can relate to.

I hope you enjoy!

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