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The Life + Liberty Index With Perth Tolle (020)

In America, we tend to take the economic and personal freedoms we have for granted; not all countries allow for basic human rights like property ownership, equal rights for women, banking rights, and more. In this episode, I am joined by Perth Tolle, the founder of Life and Liberty Indexes to discuss the index she has created which allows investors to invest in emerging market countries with human and economic freedoms.

I had been following Perth for a while on Twitter, and I finally had the opportunity to meet her in person at the EBI West conference earlier this summer. After talking with her for a short time, I knew I had to have her on to share her story. The story behind Life and Liberty Indexes is fascinating, especially the story of Perth’s time in Hong Kong and China and her friend, who was one of the many inspirations behind Perth’s mission.

In our conversation, we cover Perth’s start in financial services as a financial advisor, how the idea of Life and Liberty Indexes came to her, why she decided to make the index a reality, the people who have been instrumental in her success, and her hopes for her company. Oh, and I think she may have committed to the March For The Fallen, what do you think?

I always say this, and it’s true…I had a great time talking with Perth, and you’re going to be amazed by the work she is doing.

I’ll leave you with a simple quote from Perth that sums up the Life and Liberty Emerging Market Index,

” Protection of individual freedoms is an effective indicator of economic growth and stability.”


I hope you enjoy!

iTunes: All About Your Benjamins The Podcast Ep. 020

Show Notes:

Twitter: @Perth_Tolle


Life and Liberty Indexes Website

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