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Financial Advisor Magazine: The Young And The Bold

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited when I got the email from Christopher Robbins at Financial Advisor magazine informing me I had been nominated for their 10 advisors to watching in 2019. It’s always an honor and humbling to be recognized by your peers across the country, especially with a list like this one which is not a pay-for-inclusion list (you’d be surprised how many “awards” are really just paid for advertisements).

Check out the link below to read the generous write-up and then be sure to click through and read the profiles of the other advisors. I’ve met a handful of the other advisors and happen to know two of them very closely–this is an incredibly talented group of people, all of whom are making an impact on and changing our profession.

Congrats to everyone on the list and thank you to Financial Advisor Magazine and Christopher Robbins for including me.


Financial Advisor Magazine: The Young And Bold



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