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Talkin’ Shop: Kyle Van Pelt And FinTech, FinTwit, And The Future Of Financial Advice

Kyle Van Pelt, a strategist at Black Diamond, is one of the brightest minds in the FinTwit community and he is all over the FinTech space. He is also an extremely generous friend in that he made a day trip to Fishers, Indiana from the ATL. Up early to catch a flight, talk shop, record some videos, talk more shop, and then back to the airport to head home to his family.

I’m extremely interested in the technology powering our profession and I hope to stay up to date and ahead of the curve; thanks to Kyle I’ll always have a resource to help me with this goal–and today, you get an inside look at what he is excited about in the FinTech space, where he sees opportunity for new technology, and where he sees the financial advisory profession heading from the perspective of a technology specialist and a client.

Kyle had so much to share, we recorded two videos resulting in over a half hour of invaluable information. It’s so good, I’m going to edit into a special podcast episode for next Tuesday to make it easier for everyone to listen to. Advisors and non-advisors pay special attention to the end of the second video; I think his vision for the future of financial advice is very important and something advisors and clients should consider.

I cannot thank Kyle enough for making the trip—all he got out of it was a pick-up and drop-off at the airport and lunch at Five Guys; I had every intention of treating him to a fancier lunch, but we couldn’t stop talking. We all benefit from him coming up and recording these videos. If you aren’t following him, give him a follow and help me pressure him to continue to create content around FinTech!!

I hope you enjoy!

Twitter: @KyleVanPelt


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