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The D.C. FinTwit Happy Hour Goes National

Last fall I reached out to FinTwit phenom Jamie Catherwood (if you haven’t listened to my podcast with him, get to know him better here) to discuss an ambitious goal—a National FinTwit event.

Before I get to the inaugural National FinTwit event, allow me to share how we got here…

Late last summer, I organized a small get-together with the few active FinTwit members in Indy. Nothing special—just some drinks on the patio of a spot across the street from my office, but it was a great time. Shortly after, my efforts were put to shame by Jamie’s inaugural D.C. Happy Hour, which was complete with special menus, name cards with Twitter avatars, and a huge turnout—all initiated and planned by this twenty-something that had come out of nowhere to captivate Twitter with his financial history articles and constant networking.

I’d been sitting on the idea of trying to get FinTwit members from across the country together in one location and I’d found the perfect partner to make it happen—Mr.FinTwit Meet Up himself.

I sent him a DM, shared my idea, and scheduled a phone call to gauge his interest. Obviously, he was in and from there we had multiple calls to iron out the details of what we thought would be the perfect event. The initial vision was something similar to how Howard Lindzon’s Stocktoberfest; last year’s EBI West conference was pretty close, but there was a conference that interrupted the ability to hang out and get to know people outside of Twitter and on a deeper level.

We researched venues in Austin, Chicago, outside of D.C. and more. We discussed trying to get everyone to come to a conference a day early (I think this is the direction we would have ended up going if the April D.C. Happy Hour hadn’t blown up).

And then Jamie announced the April 4th happy hour in D.C…

As the list of RSVP’s continued to grow, including many from all over the country, Jamie suggested that this would be the perfect opportunity to host the first FinTwit National event, in coordination with the D.C. Happy Hour.

After checking our family calendar and consulting with my wife, I booked a family trip for spring break to D.C.—how lucky am I to have spring break the same week? It was meant to be.

Jamie and I have spent a considerable amount of time planning this event and hopefully, this is the start of something much bigger. But for now, we’re excited to see fellow FinTwit peeps from around the country…and we’d love to see you there too.

This is your opportunity to meet some of the people you engage with daily in person; feel free to share your excitement and use the power of FOMO to get more people there.

Be sure to grab your ticket to make sure you don’t miss out on the FinTwit event of the year!

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