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Finding Your Authentic Life–The Keep Pursuing Series

Wednesday evening I hosted the second talk in the Keep Pursuing Series, once again at my neighborhood coffee shop Geist Coffee. The energy of the group was great , which was helpful because I spent the day leading up to it in my final full day of the Kinder Institute EVOKE training–although I’m full of energy, a fourth day of 10-6 on Zoom is tiring.

The talk, entitled “finding your authentic life” was the first time I’ve gone deep into what I believe the authentic life is, how you can begin to find yours, and why it is so essential for you to live it. For the first time, I performed a short sound bath to kick off the talk and get everyone into the right mindset and present to explore the possibilities of what I would share.

The preparation and delivery of the talk also allowed me to make an important connection to the alignment of spirit, mind, body, and money–I finally found the words to connect the dots and recorded a voice note to share with a couple of close friends.

spirit, mind, body, money alignment voice note (11.9.23)

While giving my talk, “finding your authentic life” I finally realized how to communicate the importance of the alignment of spirit, mind, body, and money. It was an “aha” moment that provided the clarity to explain exactly how the alignment works and how misalignment throws everything off.

You can catch the replay on YouTube or your favorite podcast player:

finding your authentic life

the second talk in the Keep Pursuing Series, “finding your authentic life” introduces the authentic life, how it can be found, and why it is important for all of us to pursue our authentic life. this took place on 11/8/23 at Geist Coffee Shop in Fishers, IN.


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If you liked what you heard and want to hear more about the Keep Pursuing Series, there are still tickets available for the next four talks on 11/15, 11/29, and 12/6.

And who knows, the Keep Pursuing Series might be coming to your city in the future.

My phenomenal videographer Morgan and I after the talk.

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