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Are You Living Someone Else’s Life–The Keep Pursuing Series

This past Wednesday, I held the first of the five talks that make up the Keep Pursuing Series. Over twenty people joined me at my favorite local coffee shop and allowed me to realize a dream of mine–being in front of a sold-out audience for my own show.

I love public speaking, and I usually don’t prepare much for when I take the stage. With the exception of a talk early this year, most of my speaking has been on panels, so there’s not a lot to prepare–plus, most of the topics I can freestyle what I need to cover.

But Wednesday’s talk I prepared like never before–I basically wrote the speech in a Google Doc. I don’t memorize, so it ended up being six pages of bullet point talking points to help me create a flow and rehearse to get an idea of how long I’d actually be talking.

When it was go-time, I looked out and saw family, a few clients, some familiar faces, including a friend who drove in from Detroit and another from Columbus, Ohio, and even some people I had never met before Wednesday night.

To say the night was a success was an understatement, and now you can see the entire talk on YouTube or listen on your favorite podcast player. If you wouldn’t mind liking on YouTube, leaving a review and rating on the podcast players, and subscribing to all, I’d greatly appreciate the help in getting this talk picked up by the algos to help more people hear it 🙏.


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If you liked what you heard and want to hear more about the Keep Pursuing Series, there are still tickets available for the next four talks on 11/8, 11/15, 11/29, and 12/6.

And who knows, the Keep Pursuing Series might be coming to your city in the future.

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