Bigger Picture

Not Just Talking ‘Bout It

For nearly a year I’ve been writing a daily note on my personal website; each note is written in the morning after I “download” the message in my morning meditation—the only restriction on the notes is they have to somehow be related to the connection of our spirit, mind, body, money, and creativity.

I haven’t missed a day since I started writing them on 12/29/22, which means I’ve done a lot of writing.  I’m not just writing about these topics; I’m also recording podcasts and videos to expand upon those concepts as well.

A lot of content means a lot of ideas, theories, and advice—there are many people sharing ideas, theories, and advice, but how many of them are actually DOING what they are talking about?

DMX told us talk is cheap.

While I’ve done a lot of talking, I’ve also done a lot of “doing”.

In the last few weeks I wrote a note about not being afraid to ask for something you feel you deserve, need, or want.

I also wrote about looking to your heroes to see the types of things they are doing and the characteristics they embody to inspire your own actions.

Just the other day I wrote a note highlighting how perfection is the enemy of great.

And finally, a couple of moments ago I wrote about how you should be your biggest advocate.

Each of these notes have manifested themselves in the form of my upcoming Keep Pursuing Series.

  • Friday morning I was on Fox 59 to bring more awareness to the Keep Pursuing Series. The only reason I was able to have that opportunity was because I reached out to the station and presented the idea for the segment. I was not only my biggest advocate, but I also wasn’t afraid to ask for something I wanted.
  • The inspiration for creating my own speaking series came from looking at how artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Russ got started and have continued to take control of their paths as hip-hop artists.
  • When I came up with the idea for the series I didn’t wait until I had everything planned to start telling people about it. Truth be told, I don’t have the last two talks planned—now, I could give them today without needing to plan but since I am going to be giving these talks more than once, I want to make sure the talks are consistent, yet a little different each time for the audience. I didn’t need things to be “perfect” before I set things into motion.
  • A recurring theme in my writing is how we can have the ability to create the life we desire—the Keep Pursuing Series is one example of how this can show up.

While I hope my writing, along with the podcast and videos, inspire people to start believing in their Selves and begin pursuing more of the things they want, I hope my actions speak a little louder.

It’s one thing to talk about it and another to be about it.

DMX taught me talk is cheap and Master P taught me to be ‘bout it.

And I’m bout it, bout it.

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