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Invest Like The Best Podcast: Hash Power Episodes 2 & 3

My non-finance friends, and even some in finance, give me a hard time about my interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency. In the little free-time that I have, I’m typically reading, or listening to learn more about this new technology that is being compared to the introduction of the internet. Who knows if it will have the impact the blockchain and cryptocurrency community believes it will, but I do know this is a technology I do not think you can ignore. While I remain skeptical, I continue to see inefficiencies in everyday living blockchain could improve.

A prime example is the healthcare industry. My wife is currently 9 months pregnant, due with our third son anytime in the next week or so. A little over a year ago we dropped traditional health insurance for a medical share plan, which means we are cash paying patients and we are reimbursed by the members of our share plan. The process of paying the hospital, the hospital and doctor office actually knowing who we are supposed to pay and the headache of tracking the reimbursements could easily be replaced with a smart contract on a blockchain–after each appointment, the doctor would automatically be paid and upon delivery of our son the hospital would be paid per the contract all parties agreed upon. Smart contracts could run the whole process cutting down on time, energy and waste.  I would happily embrace the use of Blockchain technology in the healthcare industry. And this is just one example.

In my effort to gain a better understanding of the history of blockchain and cryptocurrency and the possibilities that lie ahead, I’ve quickly learned to lean on Patrick O’ Shaughnessy as one of my go-to experts. After starting out on a personal research project, he has created an incredibly informational collection of interviews with the most knowledgeable people in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. I mentioned I’ve been doing my own research, but the difference between Patrick and me is he has had the opportunity to have conversations with the who’s who in blockchain and cryptocurrency. We are incredibly fortunate he has recorded these conversations and shared them on his Invest Like The Best podcast. I finally had the chance to listen to the last two episodes–I shared the first a couple of weeks ago.

Not only has Patrick put together an incredible podcast series, but he also organized what sounds like was a once-in-a-lifetime dinner with leaders from all over the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. Shockingly, I was not invited…but my main man, Josh Brown came through with a great post about the night.

If the blockchain and cryptocurrency have peaked your interest, these two podcasts are required listening. I’ve also included a link to The Reformed Broker so you can read about the secret dinner held this past week.

Invest Like The Best: Hash Power Episode 2

Invest Like The Best: Hash Power Episode 3

The Reformed Broker: An Evening In Wonderland


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