Onramp x Ritholtz Wealth Management x WisdomTree: The RIA Space’s Beats By Dre Moment

If somehow you missed the news today, a project we’ve been working on very hard behind the scenes at Onramp Invest was announced today…

Onramp will be powering the Ritholtz Wealth Management Model Crypto Portfolio with WisdomTree.

Rather than me sharing all of the details, check out some of the press from the day:

The Reformed Broker: Let It B

The Irrelevant Investor: We Built A Crypto Index

CNBC: Ritholtz Wealth and WisdomTree’s Crypto Index Will Include Exposure To DeFi and Metaverse Tokens

Businesswire Press Release

As you can tell this is a BIG deal.


After Onramp launched just back in May and I love how our CEO Tyrone Ross said that the RIA space had its iPhone moment on May 25th, 2021. Well if the launch of Onramp was the iPhone, then today was the RIA space’s Beats by Dre moment!

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