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This morning I emailed a client’s grandsons with a few recommendations for blogs and podcasts to help them continue their interest and education in personal finance and investing; I sent them home the other day with a copy of The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, The Psychology of Money, and How I Invest My Money but wanted to make sure they had good content to continue their education once those books were finished.

I sent them some of my go-tos–All About Your Benjamins (of course), The Reformed Broker, and A Wealth Of Common Sense, amongst some others. I also included the podcast Not Investment Advice hosted by Jack Butcher, Bilal Zaidi, and Trung Phan, which is not a traditional personal finance podcast.

I highlight this and share for a couple of reasons:

  1. I want to bring attention to the podcast and help them grow their audience.
  2. I want to bring attention to how personal finance is changing.

First, go give them a follow and check the video below…now let’s skip to #2.

Jack, Bilal, and Trung discuss topics that will be extremely beneficial for a sophomore in high school and a sophomore in college to begin understanding today. They are constantly talking about building businesses and income streams, leveraging the internet, DeFi and crypto, and more while managing to have a lot of fun doing it which will keep them entertained and coming back for more. They speak the language that resonates with the future and they also are examples of what you can accomplish by betting on yourself.

As much as us old folks want to deny it, the future of business, investing, and even education is going to be different–very different and it’s important to start incorporating the future alongside the tried and true principles.

Yes, my client’s grandsons need to understand budgeting, managing cash flow, diversification, and the other basics. But why not teach the basics alongside empowering them to look to build their own business or income streams? Why not teach the basics alongside encouraging them to understand how to use the internet to their advantage? Why not teach the basics alongside a new and growing asset class?

These two young men will be well ahead of their peers—we’re setting up Roth IRAs for them to begin investing today and I’ll be feeding them content to encourage them to take as much control over their futures as possible while continuing to preach the basics.

When asked for recommendations, I’ll continue to share the blogs, podcasts, and videos I always have, but now I have a new addition to the list…Not Investment Advice.

Check out the most recent episode:

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