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Your Energy’s Impact On Your Financial Plan

Most financial advisors won’t tell you that your energy, the frequency from which you operate, has a direct impact on the success of your financial plan.

Well, I am not most financial advisors.

The energy you put out attracts the same energy back to you. If you aren’t excited about your financial plan and the energy you direct towards your finances, goals, and the strategies you’ve implemented with your financial advisor is low, you are going to be less likely to reach those goals.

You might discount the law of attraction as woo-woo, but trust me, it is very real and powerful. I’ve experienced it, and continue to, in my own life. I’ve witnessed its impact on the lives of clients, friends, and individuals I don’t even know. I’ve researched the quantum physics that supports the law–at a mid-level…I won’t pretend that I have a doctorate in quantum physics. You’ve experienced it too…you just might not have been aware of it.

If the law of attraction is a new concept, there’s no one better to explain it to you than the late, great Bob Proctor.

What You Don’t Know about Law of Attraction | The Proctor Perspective | Bob Proctor

The “Secret” does not educate you on the Law of Attraction… In fact, the Law of attraction is completely MISUNDERSTOOD! Now if this statement surprises you, keep watching the video above to learn more. Be sure to watch these TWO videos to expand your knowledge: Learn more about the Law of Vibration: Learn how to increase your Vibration: Post “DONE!”

Let’s get back to the energy surrounding your financial plan.

If you’re not excited about your financial plan, you run a greater chance of not reaching your goals. And, I’m not talking about being excited about the recommendations because sometimes your financial advisor has to make recommendations that bring discomfort and aren’t exciting—realigning your budget, spending less, investing more, insurance recommendations, etc. 

Instead, I’m talking about being excited about WHERE the plan is going to take you and the life it is helping you create–are you excited about the life your plan will help you experience?

Not only will being excited about the life your plan is helping you create make you more likely to stick to it and maybe even not hate the recommendations but it will also increase the energy you put toward your plan, which will only attract high-energy (or frequency) outcomes that align with your goals. Chances are, if you are not excited about your financial plan it’s because it’s leading you toward a life you are not excited about.

If that’s you, you should change that ASAP!

A financial plan supported with high energy does not guarantee that your life will be perfect, that you’ll avoid temporary setbacks, or everything will go as planned. In fact, nothing in life will be perfect, without setbacks, or will go as planned–you know this. But, maintaining a high level of energy will most certainly help you navigate those times much easier and quicker than if you operate from low levels of energy.

I’ve begun to incorporate energy into my clients’ plans in LifeDesign+ with a simple “energy check” at the top of their Notion Dashboard. A quick check allows me to see how my clients are doing and if their energy is aligned with their plan and goals; if the energy check remains low for too long, I’ll check in to see how we can elevate and realign their energy with the life they are pursuing.

You won’t see “the impact of energy” in the CFP® curriculum, and you won’t see it in any financial planning software, but it is just as important as the graphs and charts you’ll see showing you the progress you are making.

Photo by Peter Conlan on Unsplash

If incorporating your energy level and leveraging the law of attraction in your financial plan resonates with you AND you want to create a plan that excites you because it is leading you to the life you want to live, check out LifeDesign+ and if you like what you see, let’s chat.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog should be considered advice, or recommendations. If you have questions pertaining your individual situation you should consult your financial advisor. For all of the disclaimers, please see my disclaimers page.

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