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Talking LifeDesign+ On The Human Side Of Money

I am ecstatic to share my recent appearance on Brendan Frazier’s podcast The Human Side Of Money. Brendan’s podcast is the best podcast for financial advisors focusing on going beyond the numbers with their clients. I’ve been listening to The Human Side Of Money since I connected with Brendan a couple of years ago–it’s one of the few advisor focused podcasts I regularly listen to.

Don’t let the shows target audience being financial advisors deter you from listening–we don’t dive into the details of RLS Wealth. Instead, Brendan graciously shares his platform with me to talk about LifeDesign+ in depth like I’ve never done before. I’m still refining my message to make it easier for individuals and families who are interested in working with a financial advisor in this new capacity to find RLS Wealth, but by the end of this episode you’ll have a clear understanding of not only what LifeDesign+ is about but how I arrived at the relationship and the beliefs it is built upon.

I cannot thank Brendan enough for giving me the space to share my vision, my why, and begin to share LifeDesign+ with more people.

Tap in below to listen on your favorite podcast player and let me know what you think!

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