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A New Breed of Advisors

“And if someone chooses a different wealth management firm because this whole squad’s rockin’ Nikes and New Balance, then frankly, we’ve dodged a bullet. That’s the wrong client for us. We want to work with people who are talking to us for the right reason – wealth management, investing expertise and true financial advice.”     -Josh Brown



img_4078It’s always encouraging to find out you’re in good company; in my opinion, Ritholtz Wealth Management is laying the blueprint for the successful Registered Investment Adviser firms of the future, and while I’m not trying to imitate them and become a knock-off version (as Patrick O’Shaughnessy says “imitation is suicide”), finding out I have some of the same core values as them isn’t a bad thing–it reaffirms I’m taking RL Wealth Management in the right direction. Plus it’s good to know I’m not the only financial advisor wearing J’s to the office.

If I can have a fraction of the success RWM is experiencing, I will have helped a lot of families and will be extremely happy. Check out Josh’s post from today.

The Reformed Broker: The Butcher of Park Avenue


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